Refugee Family Reunion PMB 16 March

Thank you to all those who have contacted me about this important issue.

I hope you will know by now that I have been a strong parliamentary advocate for unaccompanied child refugees and improving the protections and rights for family reunification.

Indeed, I led a debate on this very subject on 2 November which you can read about here:

....and questioned the Immigration Minister, about family reunification, as you can see here:

I met the then Minister, Brandon Lewis to discuss this issue and was confident that he understood the issue. Although he confirmed to me that domestic legislation already exists for extended family reunification, clearly not everyone was having success in relying on it. In preparation for the forthcoming Immigration Bill and White Paper, he told me that he and the Government were carefully considering what more could be done to make our legislation accessible.

Since the recent Cabinet re-shuffle, I have also spoken with the new Minister Caroline Nokes to ensure this issue remains front and centre.

Unfortunately, I am unable to attend the debate on Friday 16 March as I have commitments at home in the constituency. However please be assured this remains an important issue for me and I will continue to work with colleagues and charities to ensure either the Home Office upholds existing legislation more robustly, or we amend it.