Public Transport In South Cambridgeshire

Good local public transport is essential for keeping communities thriving. Reliable public transport enables connectivity within South Cambs allowing people to get to work, school or appointments or maintain important relationships across our communities.

I work closely with local providers and stakeholders to maintain a regular dialogue that asks questions of existing services whilst developing proposals that will deliver value, reliability and efficiency for South Cambs constituents. When constituents raise concerns with me, I always bring these to the attention of transport bosses and where I can hold operators to account within regulatory frameworks, I will. However, I am always at pains to stress that transport providers are ultimately commercial operators who have responsibility to deliver public services within a profitable environment. Where services are not being used or usage drops off, viability becomes a major concern. It is vital that we use our transport services, not lose them.

I’m looking to work with the Greater Cambridge Partnership, SCDC, Cambridgeshire County Council and the transport operators to overhaul the transport services within Cambridgeshire. I truly believe that devolution holds the key to delivering passenger-centred services that will connect our rural communities and enable constituents to live healthier, better connected and more sustainable lives. I recently submitted my thoughts to the GCP’s Rural Transport Consultation and I hope that my submission demonstrated that we need creative thinking that embraces village-to-village connections not merely binary routes in and out of Cambridge. You can read my submission by click on the attachment at the bottom of the page.

Recently, I’ve taken up a variety of issues on behalf of my constituents and I continue to push for improved service standards when concerns are brought to my attention. Use the links on the left to see a summary of just a few issues that I’ve raised over the past 3 months.