Personal Independence Payments

Thank you to all those who have contacted me about this issue.

I hope you will have seen that I have already raised my concerns with the Government a number of times as I believe the Government are taking the wrong approach to this. You can hear my interview on BBC R4’s Today programme here:

And you can hear me raise this again with the Secretary of State here:

You might also have seen that the Department for Work and Pensions Select Committee (of which I am a member) launched an urgent inquiry into this in the last Parliament which you can read more about here:

Furthermore, at my urging, the Chair of the work and Pensions Select Committee, Frank Field, has supported my request to launch a new inquiry into PIP and ESA assessments, specifically to consider the assessment process and the issues surrounding mandatory reconsideration and appeal. You can read more about the inquiry on the Select Committee’s website at the link below and I would encourage you to submit your experiences as written evidence to the inquiry by the deadline of 10 November.