Oxford-Cambridge Growth Corridor

The ‘Cambridge- Milton Keynes – Oxford Corridor’ is an area hosting some of the most productive, successful and fast growing cities within the United Kingdom, largely due to its world leading universities, high tech firms and highly skilled work force. The National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) were asked to provide the Government with proposals as to how to maximise the corridor’s continued economic growth, whilst also securing its homes, jobs and environment. In the report, the NIC concluded that two major hindrances threatened the continued development of the Corridor – a ‘chronic undersupply of homes’ and ‘poor east-west transport connectivity’. 

The NIC believe proposals for East West Rail and Oxford-Cambridge Expressway would greatly assist in overcoming these two central issues, allowing the Corridor to increasingly compete on the world stage, and drive the British economy. Follow the link to read the latest report Partnering for Prosperity: A new deal for the Cambridge-Milton Keynes-Oxford Arc published 17th November 2017 or visit the National Infrastructure Commission website for more information about the growth corridor.

The NIC's work has continued through 2018. In September, the NIC announced the preferred route for the central corridor of the Oxford-Cambridge Expressway, which is the corridor closest to Oxford. This is an important milestone in the development of the plans. The following link contains full details of the decision taken - September 2018 Growth Corridor announcement

This important announcement will now enable HIghways England to proceed to public consultation in 2019 when local people and businesses in South Cambridgeshire will have their say on more detailed designs for the exact route.

In addition, the plans for East West Rail continue to be developed and further details are provided in the dedicated section on the left.

Please check back regularly for future updates.