Newsletter #1

Parliament may be in recess but that hasn’t meant South Cambridgeshire’s Heidi Allen has taken a break! From supporting local innovation through to the opening of a local fete near you, life as an MP goes on for Heidi.

A week before Parliament’s recess Heidi was presenting prizes at the Girton Feast. Taking in the atmosphere, and a wonderful display of baking by the Cambridge Ladybird WI Heidi said “It was a lovely display of community spirit and fantastic to see so many young children getting involved with the WI baking”.

The 18th July may have been an escape from the dizzying heights of Westminster but not from those of the Helter Skelter as the Duxford Village Show was opened by Heidi making the short trip from the top of the tower to the recreation ground below.

However, the easy goings of village fetes have been broken up by the more serious side of an MP’s work. A parliamentary reception saw Heidi sponsor South Cambridgeshire based Alzheimer’s Research UK as they looked to MPs from all parties for help in identifying desperately needed funding for research.

Following on from July’s article, Heidi’s work on the House of Commons’ Work and Pensions Select Committee has begun to take shape. The agenda has been set and a meeting is planned with the local Papworth Trust to discuss the government’s work programme.

The cross party relations of the select committee have not been left in Westminster though. To highlight her commitment to cross party relations Heidi held a meeting on 17th July with all non-Conservative local councillors so they could raise any issues they had.

With a growing economy comes local innovation. Heidi’s nomination of Girton based Visualplanet’s touchfoil product for an award from the All-Party Parliamentary Manufacturing Group is evidence of the exciting businesses springing up all over South Cambs. Speaking about the work carried out by Visualplanet Heidi said “This is one of those rare examples of a simple idea being turned into a phenomenal business opportunity…I challenge anyone not to be impressed by this example of British innovation at its best.