MPs scrutinise rail timetable changes

The Commons Transport Select Committee is calling for written evidence about the scale and impact of the May 2018 timetabling changes.

The Committee is keen to receive written evidence from passenger groups and industry stakeholders about what went wrong and how to put it right.

ORR Inquiry into GTR rail chaos seeks YOUR views

I recently received notification that the Office of Rail and Road has opened the Inquiry into what went wrong with the GTR Timetable launch on 20th May.  They are now seeking submissions from anyone affected.  Clearly, it is extremely important that any affected passengers take the time to feed i

Heidi Allen MP puts an Urgent Question to Jo Johnson about Rail Chaos

Heidi Allen MP asked the Minister of State for Transport, Jo Johnson an urgent question during today's Ministerial Transport Questions about when constituents can expect to see improvements to the services currently being run by GTR.  Click on the video above to see the Minister's response.

Heidi Allen MP questions Prime Minister about rail chaos

During today's PMQs, Heidi Allen MP took the opportunity to present the experience of her long-suffering constituents to Prime Minister Theresa May.  She asked whether the Prime Minister would commit a specialist task force to micro-manage the rail contract back to service.  The Prime Minister re

GTR Release Pre-Interim Timetable to run through June to mid-July

GTR have now finalised their pre-interim 'emergency' timetables which should be operational for the next few weeks until mid-July.  By mid-July, the interim timetable will be finalised and should restore services to at least the pre-May levels.   Please click on the link below to download the tra

GTR Update

Constituents affected by the GTR rail chaos continue to update me about the poor service they’re receiving and I have also been affected by the dismal rush hour service during my regular commute into London.  It’s clear that the chaos is continuing and that the introduction of the temporary timet