Update on proposed closure of Cambridge Magistrates' Court

Earlier this year the Ministry of Justice launched a public consultation on the proposed closure of Cambridge Magistrates’ Court. That consultation closed on Thursday 29th March 2018.

During the consultation period, Heidi raised questions about the proposals and in particular, the lack of robust and comprehensive information about the plans. Although it is welcome that non-custodial cases will remain in Cambridge, albeit at the County Court, and that some of the custodial cases will still be dealt with in Cambridge, Heidi felt the consultation document lacked specific information about the proposal.

In particular Heidi is concerned about the lack of clear information surrounding the number of cases which will remain in Cambridge, how it will be decided which cases would be transferred out of Cambridge, the cost and appropriateness of using Cambridge County Court for Magistrates’ Court work,  and importantly, how the needs of the most vulnerable court users would be met.

Heidi said: “From the outset, I felt that the Ministry of Justice’s plans lacked vital information about exactly what the closure of Cambridge Magistrates’ Court might mean for my constituents. Before making a final decision about the plans for the Magistrates’ Court, I wrote to the Ministry of Justice to seek more detailed information. Sadly, the information received has not diminished my concerns. The consultation has been a missed opportunity to explain the plans with clarity. I have made my views clear to the Ministry of Justice in my response to the consultation, which is below.

I hope that the Ministry of Justice will now come forward with more detailed information about the concerns that I have raised, will work collaboratively with stakeholders, such as the Police and Crime Commissioner, and provide re-assurance to me and my constituents about their plans.”




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