Secretary of State Gives Addenbrooke’s Station the Thumbs Up.

Secretary of State for Transport, Chris Grayling visited Cambridge Biomedical Campus earlier this week to discuss plans for a train station on the site.

Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and the wider Cambridge Biomedical Campus are home to an international centre of innovation and excellence, delivering world class biomedical research, outstanding patient care and exceptional education on one site. Dating back to 1962, the site has a long history of expanding healthcare, research and teaching provision, which is set to step up another gear with the completion of the new Papworth Hospital in 2018.

As the campus has been transitioning from a highly respected acute teaching hospital to a world renowned biomedical cluster, partners have been working closely to develop more sustainable transport options, including a railway station. Despite a steady shift from car usage to more sustainable modes of transport, access to the site for many remains restricted unless by car. Projections suggest the road network will be unable to accommodate the expected growth and therefore local MP Heidi Allen has been working closely with key stakeholders and central government to bring forward delivery of their long term aspiration for a campus station.

Commenting on the visit, Heidi said:

‘The Secretary of State was really impressed by our ambitions and has asked me to work closely with him to further develop funding plans for the station. I shared our proposals with him just a few weeks ago, so was delighted when I heard he was coming to visit. The Secretary of State went away, convinced of the need for a railway station at Addenbrooke’s, ensuring the Biomedical Campus is able to reach its full potential as a world renowned centre of excellence, thereby securing continued economic growth for the region and beyond.’ Heidi continued, ‘South Cambridgeshire is an important net contributor to the UK economy and the campus is on track to become the leading biomedical research cluster in the world. As we move towards exiting the European Union we must embrace the outstanding innovation and research being developed right here in South Cambridgeshire to ensure the UK maintains its position at the front and centre of the world stage. This is really exciting news and I am so grateful to everyone who has worked with me to bring our proposals to the Government's table.’