Heidi Allen welcomes City Deal's pledge to re-assess busway and Park & Ride sites from Cambourne to Cambridge

Heidi Allen MP welcomed the recent announcement from the City Deal partnership to re-assess the plans for the new busway and Park & Ride sites along the A428 from Cambourne to Cambridge. Heidi will be speaking at the Local Liaison Forum Meeting on this subject on Friday 17 March.

You can read the full announcement from the City Deal team below:

The search for a new Park & Ride site to the west of Cambridge is set to be broadened.

As part of work to support the city region’s growing economy, the Greater Cambridge City Deal partnership is developing plans for a new busway and P&R along the A428 to improve journey times and reduce congestion.

In October, the City Deal’s Executive Board agreed to progress with detailed assessments of a preferred ‘catchment area’ for a busway to the south of the M11 and a potential Park & Ride site near Madingley Mulch roundabout, known as ‘site 4’.

At the same time, the Board also asked for comparative assessments of off-road and on-road solutions for the busway as well as the evaluation of an alternative P&R site at Scotland Farm, to the north of the A428, to be carried out.

Assessment of the two Park & Ride sites undertaken so far has raised issues that means a wider search of potential locations is now being commissioned.

In parallel with this work, the opportunity will also be taken to look at the case put forward by the community’s Local Liaison Forum for an on-road busway between the Madingley Mulch roundabout and the M11.  This will be evaluated against the criteria set by the Board in October last year and the objectives for the Cambourne to Cambridge City Deal scheme.

City Deal Interim Chief Executive Rachel Stopard said: “As part of our strategy to connect the places where people live to where they work, it is essential that we improve the way of travelling between Cambourne and Cambridge – and we remain committed to finding the best solution.

“We need to find solutions that demonstrate we have a scheme that will best meet the need now and in the next ten years, as well as taking into account the potential for longer term alternatives that meet future growth along the corridor.”

The scheme will next report to the Executive Board in July.