Heidi Allen statement on Westminster shooting incident

I am sure like me, you are still in shock and trying to comprehend yesterday's events. Until yesterday afternoon, Westminster was simply my place of work, and I worked hard to make sure I never became part of the bubble, unconnected with the real world outside. 

But I realise now it is a precious bubble, a symbol of democracy and freedom and I am prouder than ever to be part of it. Somebody tried to burst that bubble yesterday, but they failed. 

I was literally yards away when the terrorist was stopped and can still hear the shots ringing in my ears as two plain clothes policeman ran past me, pushing me into an archway for safety. While our brave police officers and staff protected us and kept our democracy safe, PC Keith Palmer paid the ultimate price. We are indebted to him and offer our heartfelt condolences to his grieving family. We extend those same thoughts to the civilians who died and those who are injured.

Though we lift our heads today with heavy hearts, we go on as we always have done. Our freedom and democracy will never be undermined, for we are Great Britain.


You might wish to watch the Prime Minister's statement to the House of Commons which provides a full overview of the events from yesterday afternoon:

Prime Minister - Statement to the House of Commons 23.03.17