Heidi Allen MP welcomes Cambridgeshire Police's biggest ever road safety day

Heidi has welcomed Cambridgeshire Police's biggest ever road safety day.

Across Cambridgeshire today more than 350 officers, PCSOs, special constables, cadets and volunteers will be taking enforcement activity targeting the use of mobile phones while driving, speeding, failure to wear a seatbelt and driving under the influence of drink or drugs. As well as enforcement activity there will be a number of events promoting road safety and speedwatch volunteers will be out in some of the villages in South Cambridgeshire.

Last year 48 people were killed in Cambridgeshire, 436 were seriously injured and 2307 were injured in collisions.

Commenting on the multi-agency operation, Heidi said: "This is a really worthwhile day of action by Cambridgeshire Police. This type of operation is about saving lives and reducing the number of injuries on our roads. This is all about keeping people safe and it is particularly good to see speedwatch volunteers playing their important part today in some of the South Cambridgeshire villages."