Heidi Allen MP secures a meeting with the Prime Minister's special adviser to discuss the need for stronger powers to combat hare coursing

Heidi Allen MP has secured a meeting with the Prime Minister's special adviser to discuss the inadequate powers and sanctions available to combat hare coursing.

Hare coursing is increasing in South Cambridgeshire and the police often find that the powers available to them and the sanctions available to the courts are not sufficient to provide an effective and lasting deterrent to hare coursing.

With average fines totalling just £280 and with hare coursing and associated violence continuing to increase and blight local communities, Heidi has secured the meeting to focus on the action needed to change and strengthen the legislation.

The meeting will take place early next month and will include three other Cambridgeshire MPs and the Cambridgeshire Police and Crime Commissioner.

Commenting on the meeting, Heidi said: Despite the incredible efforts of our police, hare coursing remains a relentless and growing problem in South Cambridgeshire. Reports of hare coursing are increasing but the police often find they lack the powers and sanctions to take real, meaningful action. Hare coursing brings violence, intimidation and criminal damage to our rural communities and terrifies those affected.

Although Cambridgeshire Police have a dedicated Rural Crime Action Team, it is clear the existing legislation is not working so I am working with other Cambridgeshire MPs and the Police and Crime Commissioner to change that.

We are looking carefully at the range of powers the police have and the need to improve the range of sanctions available to the courts.

The meeting I have secured with the Prime Minister’s special adviser will allow us to make the case for the changed needed; strengthening the legislation and giving the police the tools they need to stamp this out once and for all.”