Heidi Allen MP continues discussions to save Papworth Bus Service

After weeks of negotiations, Heidi Allen, MP was today cautiously optimistic that bus services for residents of Papworth might yet be salvaged as she scrambled to bring together all stakeholders in a consensus decision.

Heidi learned back in January that the X3 service was in fact, a loss-making route and urged constituents to ‘use it or lose it’. She then instigated discussions between various stakeholders from local government, transport operators and local businesses with a view to identifying a sustainable solution that might service the village better.

The recent news that Whippet have de-registered the service made Heidi all the more committed to finding a solution and she was delighted to hear that residents made their voices heard by contributing to a petition that generated over 2000 signatures in the first weekend alone.

Back in September, Heidi contacted the Mayor’s office, Whippet’s Managing Director, Charlie Hamilton, Cambridgeshire County Council and South Cambs District Council to press for urgent action on the X3 route.

She was delighted to hear that all parties were keen to work on a long-term solution for Papworth but insisted that measures needed to be taken in the short term to maintain provision.

The outcome of those discussions is yet to be finalised but Heidi is very hopeful that her recent intervention will enable bus services in Papworth to keep running.

Heidi said: “I recognise that residents in Papworth value a bus services that gives them commuting options to Cambridge, St Neots and Huntingdon. The X3 is a lifeline for so many residents who rely on this bus to get them to work, college, hospital appointments, family visits etc. I’ve been inundated with messages of support from residents keen to save their bus service. I’m in daily contact with Whippet, the Mayor’s office, the County and District Councils and I feel hopeful that between us we’ll find a solution to guarantee the provision in the short term, whilst we work out a long-term strategy for Papworth and South Cambridgeshire transport.”