Heidi Allen MP backs food sharing initiative

UK households currently throw away c£15bn worth of food every year - that’s £800 for the average family! One way to tackle this problem is to encourage a culture of food-sharing.

Surplus food does not have to end up in the bin, and one initiative which seeks to end this issue of waste is Olio, a free food-sharing app which households and businesses can use to give their spare food to nearby takers. In the 3 years since its inception over half a million people have joined, 600 000 portions of food have been shared between neighbours, and over 20,000 volunteers have signed up to help spread the word and distribute food in their local communities.

How Olio works:

  • Households with extra food can take a photo and add it to the app. Neighbours receive alerts, can browse through the listings and request what they want. The pickup takes place neighbour-to-neighbour, often the same day.
  • Local businesses can join the “Food Waste Heroes” programme, where OLIO volunteers will collect their unsold food at the end of the day, and redistribute it to the local community via the app.

Commenting Heidi said, “Sharing between neighbours can reduce waste, save money and help local communities come together. This is a win-win initiative, so I encourage residents and businesses of South Cambridgeshire to get involved and share spare food instead of throwing it away.”


For more information, visit the Olio website here