Heidi Allen MP asks the Prime Minister about Tier 2 Visa's for NHS Doctors

A number of NHS Trusts across the country recently reported difficulties is securing Tier 2 visa’s for overseas doctors recruited at middle-level registrar and senior clinical fellow positions.

Cambridge University Hospitals contacted Heidi in January after learning visas for three overseas doctors, due to join the Trust in February, had been declined.

Tier 2 visas are subject to an annual cap of 20,700, allocated on a monthly basis. All applications are considered based on an occupation and salary point’s assessment. Whilst nurses are currently listed as a shortage profession, doctors are not afforded a similar status and therefore attract the same points as professions such as  Librarian's, Statisticians, HR managers and engineers.

Restrictions on the number of Tier 2 Visas were first introduced in July 2010. Since April 2011, these restrictions have applied to all new hires in the Tier 2 Visa category with the first refusals reported in December 2017 and January 2018. Heidi is in active discussions with Cambridge University Hospital’s and senior Ministers to seek a solution going forward. Heidi further raised the issue directly with the Prime Minister at PMQs on Wednesday 14th March. To listen to the full question and response follow the link here