Westminster News

Heidi Allen MP signs the Divest Parliament Pledge

Climate change is a vital issue for us all. I am pleased to announce that I recently signed the Divest Parliament pledge at Caldecote Primary School, after some impressive campaigning by students.

Heidi Allen MP Update on EU Withdrawal Bill Votes

I have received a significant amount of correspondence from constituents in the past week, ahead of consideration in the Commons of the Lord's amendments' to the EU Withdrawal Bill.

Heidi Allen MP Questions the New Home Secretary, Sajid Javid

Heidi Allen MP today questioned the new Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, on EU citizens right to stay in the UK after Brexit following the Windrush Scandal. Follow the link to hear Heidi's question and the Home Secretary's answer.

Syria and Chemical Weapons Update

The Syrian Regime has used chemical weapons against its own citizens before so it is desperately tragic and terrifying to learn it has happened again. The Prime Minister has confirmed to me that she has access to intelligence which confirms they are again, responsible for this latest attack.