Local News

Abbey College Cambridge Welcomes Heidi Allen MP into the Classroom

Abbey College today welcomed South Cambridgeshire Member of Parliament, Heidi Allen to talk to A-Level Government and Politics students. Heidi gave a talk about her background in science and business, and explained how she got into politics after witnessing the Tottenham riots in 2011.

Broadband Codes of Practice Consultation

If you’ve ever been tied into a badly performing broadband contract, you may wish to submit to the Ofcom consultation about strengthening the Broadband Speeds Codes of Practice under which providers operate.

Dangerous Driving Consultation and Cycle Safety

The government, this week, published its response to the consultation on driving offences and penalties for those who cause death or serious injury. I was delighted with the response which recognised that dangerous driving wrecks lives and deserves the maximum penalty.

Cambourne Post Office

I’m delighted to announce that Cambourne’s new mobile Post Office is up and running and wanted to post details of its operational routine here: