Syria and Chemical Weapons Update

The Syrian Regime has used chemical weapons against its own citizens before so it is desperately tragic and terrifying to learn it has happened again. The Prime Minister has confirmed to me that she has access to intelligence which confirms they are again, responsible for this latest attack.

Heidi welcomes UK ban on ivory sales

The Environment Secretary Michael Gove has confirmed that the UK will introduce a ban on ivory sales.

The proposed ban will be the toughest in Europe and amongst the toughest in the world – helping to protect elephants for future generations. 

Cycle and Walking Investment Strategy safety review

The Government has launched a call for evidence as part of its Cycle and Walking Investment Strategy safety review. The review will look at how road safety can be improved for all road users as well as looking at ways to boost active travel.

Abbey College Cambridge Welcomes Heidi Allen MP into the Classroom

Abbey College today welcomed South Cambridgeshire Member of Parliament, Heidi Allen to talk to A-Level Government and Politics students. Heidi gave a talk about her background in science and business, and explained how she got into politics after witnessing the Tottenham riots in 2011.