Human Rights in Bahrain

Thank you for contacting me about human rights in Bahrain.

I know that the UK Government continues to reiterate the need for Bahrain to protect and defend universal human rights – indeed, it is one of the UK’s 30 human rights priority countries.  I am assured that where the Government has concerns, it consistently raises these with the Bahraini authorities, at the highest levels, both in private and in public. Indeed, it has raised cases directly with the Government of Bahrain recently.

In relation to the specific cases of Maher Abbas Al-Khabbaz, Mohamed Ramadhan and Husain Moosa, their situations were discussed during the debate and the Minister outlined the Foreign Office’s position in relation to human rights issues and confirmed in relation to Mohamed Ramadan and Husain Moosa, the subsequent decision of the Minister of Justice to refer those cases back to the Court of Cassation for retrial -

Bahrain must deliver on its international and domestic human rights commitments.

Thank you for contacting me.