Heidi speaks in EU Withdrawal Bill Debate in support of Dubs Amendment

Heidi spoke passionately on day two of the EU Withdrawal Bill debate to put forward the case for keeping options open with regard to a customs union, arrangement or partnership.  She told the House that she viewed membership of EEA and EFTA (Amdt 51) as an important lifeboat and an option that we must retain as Plan B in the event of negotiations on a partnership arrangement failing. 

Heidi also urged the government to accept the entirety of the ‘Dubs Amendment’ tabled by Yvette Cooper, MP for Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford.  Part 1 of this amendment legislates for children seeking asylum in the UK to join under-age relatives who are lawfully resident in the UK.  Heidi said:

‘This is just about a little piece of legal text that says that if it is in the best interests for that child, then they should be able to join that sibling. I can see for the limited number of cases that we’re talking about, there’s no reason whatsoever why would that not be a kind, compassionate and logical thing to do.’  The Solicitor General vowed to look again at with an assurance to table an amendment in lieu prior to the Bill being returned to the Lords.