GTR Release Pre-Interim Timetable to run through June to mid-July

Tuesday 26th June

GTR have now finalised their pre-interim 'emergency' timetables which should be operational for the next few weeks until mid-July.  By mid-July, the interim timetable will be finalised and should restore services to at least the pre-May levels.   Please click on the link below to download the train timetables for London - Cambridge via Ashwell and Morden, Royston, Meldreth, Shepreth, Foxton, St Neots and Sandy.

GTR are still asking passengers to check their train times on the day to ensure they are aware of any last minute cancellations or issues, or in the event that an additional train has been added into the timetabling. 

I am very keen to see this minimum level of service maintained and will be working closely with the Rail User Groups for all of my stations to ensure that service levels meet these minimum standards.  Where services are removed or run at a substantial delay, I will be asking GTR why this has happened and will query what they are doing to prevent further reoccurrences. 

I also intend to use this period to get Rail User Group feedback heard by GTR to ensure that we obtain the optimal service levels for our stations during the 'interim' timetable phase. 



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