Brexit Impact Assessment Analysis

Thank you to all those who have contacted me about this issue - as you will appreciate, this has been a rapidly evolving situation.

The opposition held a debate on this issue on Wednesday 1 November. Although I fully support as much transparency as possible as we approach Brexit, we must find a balance between understanding the risks and opportunities associated with our departure, and disadvantaging the negotiations by revealing all our cards. Because of this delicacy of situation, I abstained in the vote.

It is important to note that the analysis papers referred to in the debate contain a wide mix of qualitative and quantitative analysis. They examine the nature of activity in the sectors, how trade is conducted with the EU currently in these sectors and also considers alternatives which might be used following the UK’s exit from the EU. These analyses are constantly evolving and updated based on regular discussions with industry leaders and negotiation progress.

Contrary to media speculation, these papers are not a series of assessments which examine the quantitative impact of Brexit on these sectors.

The Government however, respecting the view expressed by the House through the debate, is making arrangements to collate this information and publish it via the Exiting the EU Select Committee. It is expected that this process should take around three weeks, allowing Ministers the opportunity to ensure no commercially sensitive, or confidential information is published which would endanger our negotiation process.

The Secretary of State has published a written statement which further explains the steps in the process which you can read here:

I hope you find this information helpful.